WRAP BUDDIES | World's Simplest Gift Wrap Assistant

Created by Bret Wortman

WRAP BUDDIES | World's Simplest Gift Wrap Assistant
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Lightweight, simple setup, easy storage. Kitchen and craft room uses too! Get up off the floor and make wrapping fun again!

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Tale of the Tape
27 days ago – Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 11:47:54 AM

So, we have our first (and, I hope, last) delay, but I'm confident our timeline will accommodate this.

What happened

I received our samples Monday. That evening, while trying to fit a roll of Scotch Magic tape straight from the box onto the tape holder, I discovered that the recess for the tape roll wasn't big enough. 

All the rolls we had tested with before worked just great. But this one didn't, and I don't want to put this in your hands with caveats like, "Don't use genuine Scotch brand tape because the rolls are too big" or "Peel off a couple mm of tape before inserting the new roll to ensure it fits properly". That's just crazy.

By Tuesday morning, our factory had a modification that would take 2 weeks to complete or they could create a completely new set of main body molds in 30 days. Despite the cost difference, we're opting for the modification. There will be some new parting lines (seams, basically, where the pieces of the molds come together) but I don't really think anyone will care that much.

So this will end up costing us 2 weeks for the mold changes, plus another week for fresh samples to make it here to Virginia for re-testing. As soon as the wire transfer for the mold work clears government regulators, we'll be moving forward again.

On the up side

Everything else about the samples tested out fine. Once we're clear of this hurdle, we should be able to quickly give a thumbs-up and start production of our first run, including all backer rewards!

New timeline

So right now, here's what I'm expecting:

July 31 - Aug 11   Mold rework

Aug 18   New samples arrive stateside

Aug 21   Place full order with factory

Aug 23   Wire transfer complete, factory begins production (anticipating 2 weeks to produce 3000 pairs, confirmed by factory)

Sep 15   Production complete and ready to ship

Sep 22   Shipment leaves factory bound for USA

Oct 27   Shipment arrives in Virginia *

Nov 6   Backer shipments dropped off at shippers (International backers will ship first to allow for extra time in transit)

* This is honestly the biggest unknown at this point, and I've tried to build in some extra slack in the schedule. The factory tells me that shipping by sea will take 30 days to reach the US and then more time to clear customs and get to us in Virginia. I can cut this time to 7-10 days, but at a (much?) higher cost, by using air shipment. As events happen, watch for status and schedule updates here.

Tell your friends!

Don't hesitate to tell your friends about Wrap Buddies. You can direct them to, or point them to our facebook page where they can read all about us and hit a big blue "Shop Now" button (which takes them to the same shop as the first address). There's also a pre-order button on our Kickstarter page at

Have a great week!

Bret and the Wrap Buddies team

Production Samples have Arrived!
29 days ago – Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 10:09:06 PM

In Other News

We are currently planning to ship Kickstarter rewards without retail packaging -- I'm not sure it'll be ready in time to get these to you and imagine you'd rather have them without if it means getting them in time for your holiday wrapping.

We're also exploring having two tiers of packaging -- clear blisterpak for big box retailers, and something more organic, cute, pleasing to touch for boutique shops where presentation seems to matter more.


Our pre-production samples arrived today. You may notice some flow lines in the photographs of these, and I've been assured by the factory that these will be corrected in the final versions. Since these were functional tests, not cosmetic, I'm not too concerned about this, and they've produced products that I've seen and own and the finish is impeccable.



The open/close action is very smooth. I'm worried that the spring tension is a little on the light side so will be asking the factory to source some stronger springs for me to compare against.

Home stretch, people! 

Bret and the Wrap Buddies team

New pictures & update on samples
about 1 month ago – Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 05:15:02 PM

I heard from our manufacturing partner today that samples will be on their way to us tomorrow. This is great news, and it means that in short order I'll be able to test their updates.


Yes, we had to change a few things based on feedback from the factory. Notably, the springs were too large and needed some tweaking. Rather than produce a full run based on their say-so, I asked for some samples to test here. If we need more or less tension, I can ask for it and get it. At $100 per sample run, it's not a lot of added cost for the security of knowing we've got the feel of the Buddies right.


They sent me some pictures of the springs alongside the screws that will hold the pieces together. You may remember our original design had a pin; these screws will allow a faster, easier assembly and if one should happen to come loose during use, it'll be easier to fix. Inserting those pins is tough to do by hand!



Have a great week!

Bret and the Wrap Buddies team 

Quick pre-poduction update
about 2 months ago – Fri, Jul 07, 2017 at 05:23:56 PM

I just received this photo from our contract factory and wanted to share it with you. Once they have springs in hand, they'll be shipping me a few samples for review. If the finish and seams, fit and finish is good enough for us to proceed to production, then we will. Even more importantly, though, we'll have the opportunity to make any corrections (even potentially changing our plastic formulation) needed before we make your backer rewards!

Again, and for the record, these are not renderings. These are actual, injection-molded samples.

Hope you all are having a great summer!

Bret and the Wrap Buddies Team

A Moldy Update
2 months ago – Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 07:21:34 PM

That's right, we have molds!

I'll spare you the animated gif joke this time because frankly, they were all pretty gross. But I did receive the following images from the factory today showing the mold cavities for our Wrap Buddies!



This mold plus the following one are a mated pair and show how the recesses and such will be formed.



The idea is that the main surfaces should be slightly textured, giving better slip-resistance and making them feel warmer & more organic. Where two pieces articulate against each other, they'll be polished to a higher gloss to prevent friction and wear.

They've told me that samples should be ready next week, so I hope to have some actual pictures once they're in my hot little hands. I'm still working out whether they'll be assembling the samples or just sending plastic components for review. 

All our love & thanks,

Bret & the Wrap Buddies team