WRAP BUDDIES | World's Simplest Gift Wrap Assistant

Created by Bret Wortman

WRAP BUDDIES | World's Simplest Gift Wrap Assistant
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Lightweight, simple setup, easy storage. Kitchen and craft room uses too! Get up off the floor and make wrapping fun again!

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Let's make this easy
2 days ago – Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 06:31:30 PM

I've received a few responses from folks about their preferences for receiving their backer rewards. So that more of you can easily add your voice, please visit our Google Backer Shipping Survey and chime in. It's one question only and won't require you to log in to anything.


Bret and the Wrap Buddies™ Team

Production Update
4 days ago – Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 07:34:04 PM

Production Status

The latest update from our factory, which was unfortunately closed for a national holiday for the first week of October, is that we should expect our order to be complete by the end of the month. That's cutting it pretty close.

So we're evaluating two methods of shipping your rewards:

  • Sending the whole shipment back to us here in Virginia, then sending them to you from here. This has the benefit of simplicity but may incur additional time, as the shipment will need to transit the ocean, then come to VA by freight, then spend a couple days being processed & packaged for you, and then rewards can go out. 
  • Sending enough sets to fulfill all rewards to a shipping partner in Shanghai, who will package them and send them directly to you. This means a faster delivery for our international customers in particular but may also mean faster delivery for US backers as well. It does add an unknown in that the picking, packing and shipment function will be owned by a partner we haven't worked with before.
If you have any strong feelings about either option, please feel free to share them as a comment or email me directly at We'll let you all know what to expect once we've settled on what we think is the best way to get your rewards to you as quickly as possible, and I'm beyond sorry that we won't have them to you by 1 November as we had hoped.

Cards charged

If you're one of our preorder customers, or if you added to your kickstarter order, then we charged your cards on 2 October. If there were any issues, you should have received an email directly from Backerkit. Don't feel you need to explain anything to us. Stuff happens. But if you could rectify the situation before the end of October, we'll be able to ship your rewards/preorders as expected.

Assembly Required

The factory sent me this video of our new tooling being used to assemble a Wrap Buddy. I thought it was pretty cool and hope you do too.

That's it for this update! Thanks again for your support.

Bret and the Wrap Buddies Team

We're in the production queue!
25 days ago – Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 06:50:57 PM

Another quick update. I learned yesterday that yes, Virginia, it is possible to ship overnight from Shanghai to the DC area. I received our production prototypes yesterday afternoon and they are fantastic. I've got copies in all 3 colors plus a spare blue set, so 3 are headed to our packaging designer and photographer, and one is remaining with me for me to stare at lovingly every now and again. :-)

The action is smooth, the grip is good, and the tape spool fits well and comes off easily. All my concerns were addressed by the factory very well, and so I sent in my order for 3000 of these, 1000 each of the 3 colors. Interestingly, the colors are split almost perfectly into thirds among the Kickstarter backers & preorders so far.

Speaking of preorders...

Credit cards will be charged soon

If you added anything through Backerkit or are one of our preorder customers (not Kickstarters), then we are preparing to charge your cards. We've held off this long basically because we wanted you to know products were actually on the way. Now that production has commenced, we're ready to commit and will be charging cards around 29 September - 2 October.


We're going to spend the time between now and completion of our production run figuring out how to get them here -- by surface (cheapest but slowest) or whether it makes sense to ship by air. Or split ship. Stay tuned for those details once we have them.

Thanks again for joining us on this adventure!

Bret and the Team 

New pictures - samples on their way
about 1 month ago – Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 09:28:16 PM

I'm going to make this quick. Our latest (last?) batch of preproduction samples are on their way from the factory. This time, the factory is sending them in all 3 colors, so I have pictures to share with you. These were taken by them, and I'll share others when they arrive. I hope these give you some idea what the colors will be like. We really wanted to avoid something too garishly red or green and think we found a nice balance.

I should have the samples early next week (Fedex says tomorrow, but I know there's no such thing as next day from Shanghai!) and will post another update then!




Love from all of us here at Wrap Buddies!

Bret and the team

Mold revision update
about 2 months ago – Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 07:11:37 PM

Hi, I'm Bret, and I'm a Kickstarter Project Creator. It's been just over a month since my last update.

What's the news?

I heard from our factory today that the mold revision has taken longer than anticipated due to the complexity and scope of the work, but they expect to be done on Tuesday. They'll then ship me samples in each of our chosen colors for my review and approval.

Assuming all goes to plan from here on out, the timeline to completion looks something like this:

For those who just want "the facts, ma'am", this means we should be shipping on or about November 10. This is later than I had hoped but it should get them to you in time for your holiday wrapping this year!

I do not anticipate further delays, and have taken some extra steps to try to keep the ball moving. We have already paid our production deposit so that the factory can start work as soon as we give the word rather than waiting several days for a wire transfer to occur.

Looking Ahead

While waiting for all this magic to happen, we also just secured floor space at our first major trade show! You read it here first, we'll be at the Javits Center in Manhattan next year for the National Stationery Show, occupying booth 1546 right across from the #fresh area which features new products in the stationery world.

We'll be in there somewhere!
We'll be in there somewhere!


In the nearer term, I'm working hard to get Wrap Buddies listed on Amazon for the Christmas season as well. If the product arrives soon enough, we can participate in the FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program and offer Prime shipping. Yet another reason to want the production & shipping process to go smoothly!

Thanks again for your patience and your support

You all rock. Enjoy your Labor Day in the US, and I wish a great weekend filled with whatever brings you joy.

Much love,

Bret and the Wrap Buddies Team